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6. Assorted Folk/ Fairy Tales (especially African-American and Native American) Ms. Eberhard's List of Favorite Things (again in no particular order) 1. Language 2. Folk Stories 3. Nature 4. Traveling 5. Reading/Writing Poetry 6. Ultimate Frisbee 7. Adolescent Literature 8. Biking 9. Cheese 10. Puns

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Native American ancestors walked on that land from present-day Siberia to Alaska. Evidence suggests that their population grew rapidly and that they settled The fates of the three largest Native American tribes—the Tuscarora, the Catawba, and the Cherokee—are examples of the fates of the other tribes...

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She is the daughter of the Catawba Indian Nation's former assistant Chief and interim Chief, Evans M. George, Jr., who was in office for over 19 years. "I have always found arts and crafts to be an outlet for stress. Native American bead work is both very relaxing and rewarding when a piece finally comes together. Catawba, North American Indian tribe of Siouan language stock who inhabited the territory around the Catawba River in what are now the U.S. states of North and South Carolina. Their principal village was on the west side of the river in north-central South Carolina. They were known among English

Dec 27, 2019 · In 1567, Spanish settlers — some of the first Europeans to enter the region — built Fort San Juan at a Native American town called Joara, which lies in present-day Burke County.